jaan-ming gear

Jaan Ming Gear Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in 1981 and was mainly committed in precision gear manufacturing mechanical parts, such as machine tools, specialty machines, printing machines and automobiles since establishment.

In additional, Jaan Ming Gear also engaged in machinery trading both domestic and international, which has built an excellence reputation within his customers and earned the acclaim of the industry.

Due to the growth of business as well as the needed for larger facilities, Jaan Ming Gear has relocated at TaoYuan in 2004 with the facility of approximate 97200 ft² and 2nd facility was launched in 2014 with the capacity of 216000 ft² which is mainly used for display/exhibition.


Jaan Ming Gear has variety of sophisticated Machines,such as,CNC Lathe,CNC Miller,Gear Hobbing,Broaching Machine,Groove Milling,Slotter,Gear Shaper,Thread Rolling,Chamfering Machine,Key Seater,Bevel Gear Machine,Gear Shaving,Hob Sharpener and etc, which will be able to fulfill all kinds of customize gears.

Manufacturing items:Grinding Gear,Spiral Gear,Rack,Bevel Gear,Worm Gear,Sprocket Gear,Ratchet,Spur Gear,Toothed Bar,Internal Gear,Cam,and any kinds of precision gears.Please go to Manufacturing for more information.

machinery Trading

Imported Precision Machine: Bevel Gear, CNC Machining Center, Forklift, Hobber, Gear Shaper, Grinder, Lathe, Miller, Planomiller, Thread Rolling, Drilling and etc.Please visit Machinery for more information.

Please make an appointment with us in advance for visiting our exhibition area in both Taoyuan and Wugu.

Please refer to our Map page for the Route Plan or call/email us if you have any other question.